The Villa Semesta villas are used for a wide variety of purposes: Villa Amsterdam, for example, can be used as a stylish lodge for family and friends, and is, therefore, ideally suited for airbnb / bed & breakfast.  The Colonial House radiates an atmosphere that is perfect for relaxation. When fitted out as a studio, it will be an amazing place to be inspired and creative.  On the following pages, we aim to inspire you and make your dreams come true…

Tuinhuis compleet ingericht

Tuinhuis met veel daglicht



Tuinhuis als bijzonder gastenverblijf


A stylish lodge for visiting friends and family is, whichever way you look at it, highly recommended for your new summer house or chalet. A stay in your garden house with veranda, or chalet with veranda, really is a unique holiday experience for your guests!

Tuinhuis ingericht met teak tafel


Art studio

When fitted out as a studio, you will create a lovely place in which you can retreat from all the hectic in everyday life. The Art Studio will be a perfect location to relax and spend time on your creative hobbies.

Tuinhuis als atelier


 tuinhuis of Atelier als werkruimte

 Tuinhuis als atelier ruimte



Tuinhuis als kantoor

Even better than having an office in your house is an office next to your house. No effort is needed to work or study hard when done in a quiet place surrounded by the natural luxury of teak. The double-wall construction enables various facilities to be included out of sight.


Tuinhuis als kantoorruimte

Tuinhuis kantoor aan huis


Due to its waterproof texture, teak is the best wood for an ultimate pool house.
The thatched roof with the various shades of grey of the natural materials used will result in a fantastic and exclusive look. Teak tiles are also a good choice as roofing material, on the one hand because the natural fading of the wood helps it blend into the surroundings and, on the other hand, it reinforces the basic ecological principle of the building.

 Tuinhuis als poolhouse

 Poolhouse bij zwembad



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