Bed & breakfast and Airbnb locations are becoming more popular, and that is because “the experience” is the central point of focus for these locations. Special accommodation full of character ensures that the guests have a short stay with a lasting pleasurable experience. Chalets by Villa Semesta offer that unique experience. The properties of the untreated teak make a high quality finish possible. Furthermore, Villa Semesta is specialised in incorporating aspects of styling that make each build unique. This custom-made approach ensures that a suitable design can be created for every idea.


Villa Semesta chalet

Hikers hut

Villa Semesta’s hikers’ huts are typified by the characteristic architectural style, which is adapted to the surroundings. The influence of different weather conditions gives the untreated teak its natural grey patina. Because of this colouration, after time the hikers’ hut blends in with the natural surroundings and, unlike other types of wood, does not require regular painting. Teak tiles are often chosen as a roofing material. On the one hand, this roofing emphasises the pure, natural style and, on the other hand, it reinforces the basic ecological principle of the building.  The hikers’ hut can be delivered in any size, and the layout of the interior can be tailored to your personal wishes. Villa Semesta’s hikers’ huts are double-walled, which does not only offers the possibility for warm insulation, but also ensures good noise insulation.




In recent years holiday parks and campsites have seen the demand for luxury accommodation increase. This is the new way of spending leisure time, with the emphasis on “the experience”. Is existing accommodation sufficiently distinctive and can it satisfy this demand?  Villa Semesta delivers custom-made chalets and is specialised in incorporating aspects of styling that make every chalet a unique build. The characteristics of the untreated teak ensure that the chalet is finished to a high standard. Villa Semesta offers standard models, however the preference is often for a custom-made chalet with a layout that meets your personal needs. The chalets are completely double-walled and, as such, can be well-insulated. The benefit of this is that they can be used all year round, and offer precisely the comfort that people expect these days from a luxury accommodation.

Chalet met veranda en teakhouten pannen

Besides these chalets, Villa Semesta also offers custom-made original authentic summer houses and pavilions. A beautiful product which, because of its characteristic architectural style, is so unique that it will stay long in the memories of the guests. No fixed sizes and prices can be given for an original summer house or pavilion. These unique buildings are collected, restored and then given a new destination in your grounds.


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