Chalet & Summerhouse

Villa Semesta supplies teak garden villas, offices, studios, pool houses and verandas.
We build high quality garden houses from Javanese teak, which are stylish and full of character. We are proud to be the first to bring these unique and innovative garden houses to the European market (also outside the European market). An teak chalet or summer house from Villa Semsta is a very special and sustainable addition to your garden: made from the best quality teak which is unrivalled for outdoor use due to its maintenance free and ecologically friendly nature.One can think of no better example of sustainable business. Enjoy the sultry summer evenings under your veranda? Villa Semesta offers standard models, but in many cases the preference is for a summer house, veranda or chalet which is custom-made especially for you.

 Villa Semesta Inspiration

 Villa Semesta Summer hous with double porch

 Villa Semesta Gazebo&Pavilion

In recent years holiday parks have seen the demand for luxury accommodation increase. In particular, bed & breakfast locations are becoming more popular. This is the new way of spending leisure time, where the emphasis is on “the experience”. Villa Semesta offers chalets and summer houses in a style that is experienced as very special and which is adapted to the character of the surroundings. A chalet or summer house is made from maintenance-free teak, which is, on the one hand, the best quality outdoor wood and, on the other hand, highly ecologically responsible. Villa Semesta’s chalets are very distinctive and also a good choice for, for example, Airbnb or bed and breakfast. A chalet can be delivered in different sizes and may, when it comes to specifications and style, be adapted to the specific circumstances and environment. Villa Semesta is a specialist in chalets with a veranda and in incorporating style elements that make each chalet or summer house a unique construction.


 Villa Semesta halet and veranda

 Villa Semest Airbnb and Chalet

Villa Semesta’s garden houses and chalets are multi-purpose. The summer houses are delivered completely double-walled and, as such, are easy to insulate. The chalets are offered in any size and can be fitted to your needs as a work space, for example an office at home or as a hobby space for your own studio. Where other types of wood require a lot of protection, teak is one of the few types of wood that is genuinely damp-resistant. That makes a garden house by Villa Semesta exceptionally suitable as a pool house. Surrounded by the natural pure appearance of untreated teak, it makes a comfortable overnight stay for your guests.



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